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Nominate a Charity

Nominate Now ~ Vote Later…
on a Charity Recipient for Avalon Lodge’s Make a Difference Monday Program;

Owner Cle Hospitality Also Offers 20-Room Property Free for 2-Night Fundraiser

A small South Tahoe lodge is stepping up big by committing 10 percent of its Monday profits to a charity. The Avalon Lodge, a 20-room boutique property is launching its “Make a Difference Mondays” and inviting the public to nominate and then vote to select the non-profit organization.

Nominations are open for any non-profits with approved 501c3 standing. Persons can submit their favorite organization, each person may provide one entry by completing all required registration information below.

In addition to receiving “Make a Difference Mondays” profits from Avalon Lodge, the person or entity who nominated the winning charity will will get a 2-night complimentary stay and use of the entire hotel; all 20 rooms and facilities. The rooms can be awarded to their guests or auctioned to supporters with all additional income donated.

Cle Hospitality is passionate about animals, seniors, environment and the community.

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