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Key Rewards

Of all the hotels, in all the towns,  in all the world, you walked into ours… . . . and we’d like to keep it that way!  We know there are a lot of choices out there. We value your business and hope you’ll keep coming back to see us.  To show our appreciation we have introduced our Key Rewards Program.*

  • Gain access to Members-Only deals and specials.
  • Receive a discount on our best available rates.
  • Earn free nights at all Cle′ Hospitality Properties.
  • Delight in our Fringe Benefits.

*To qualify your stay must be booked directly through a Cle′ Hospitality property or website.

How It Works:

You don’t need to register, keep a card, or remember a membership number.  Simply stay with us and start earning points toward free nights and Fringe Benefits along the way.

For each qualifying night’s stay you will receive one (1) Key Reward Point.  When you have earned Ten (10) Key Reward Points we’ll mail you a gift certificate for a future Free Night* at a Cle′ Hospitality Property.

Qualifying stays are easy to book—simply call us direct at any Cle′ Hospitality property or book online at any Cle′ Hospitality website (The Avalon Lodge or Historian Inn).  Plus, Returning Guests always receive a 5% discount on the best available rate when they book directly through a Cle′ Hospitality property or website.

*Free Nights do not include taxes and applicable fees and are subject to a maximum value restriction.

The Fine Print:

Associations or other groups may not participate. Coupons, voucher discount codes, free nights. and corporate contracted rates do not qualify. Other promotional rates that exist now or may exist in the future may not qualify.  Only the guest checking in will receive the Key Reward Point and must be the same person on the reservation.  Returning Guest Discounts and Fringe Benefits will apply to your second stay with Cle′ Hospitality.  Key Reward Points accrue on all qualifying stays.

The value of the Free Night is based on the ten (10) non-expired Key Reward Points associated with the Reward Night. The maximum value of the Free Night will be equal to the average daily rate (excluding taxes and fees) of the ten (10) night stays for which the credits were earned.  Reservations made through third party reservation sites do not qualify.   Hotel guests are responsible for taxes, fees, meals, incidentals and any other costs associated with the booking or stay.

Key Reward Points have no cash value, nor can Free Nights be redeemed for cash. If you use a Free Night for a night’s stay that costs more than the maximum value of the Free Night, you must pay the difference.  There will be no refunds, cash, or credit issued if the night chosen to redeem a Free Night carries a rate less than the maximum value of your Free Night. If you have accumulated more than one (1) Free Night, you may choose which Free Night to apply to a particular booking. If you redeem your Free Night for a booking that includes more than one night, the reward will be applied to the first night in the reservation, subject to its maximum value.

Program Changes and Termination:

Cle′ Hospitality may modify any of the terms and conditions governing the Key Rewards Program at any time—including, but not limited to, the rules for earning Key Reward Points, with or without notice, even though these changes may affect your ability to use Key Reward Points or Free Nights you have already earned.   The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as Cle′ Hospitality decides to terminate the Program. Upon termination, you will have thirty (30) days from the date the program termination is announced to use any Key Reward Points remaining in your account. After that date, all Key Reward Points will be forfeited without compensation.